Timeout – it’s school holidays!

Timeout – it’s school holidays! We’ve finally reached that time of year where school is winding down for the year and kids are preoccupied with thoughts of Christmas and enjoying some time off. While it’s important to keep children learning during the break, time off is also important to let your child recharge their batteries

Help Your Child Prepare For Their Exams

At the end of each year, it is commonplace for children to have to go through exams. Whether your child is taking practice exams or about to tackle final assessments, here are some tips to aid your child in going through the exam period smoothly.
For some kids and parents, school holidays can feel long and tedious if there aren’t enough activities on the agenda. Moreover, if kids take a break from learning for too long, they could be missing out on new information and skills and developing on skills that they have learnt previously.

Tutoring Benefits

There are many tutoring benefits for your child. Some of these include improved study habits and confidence in lessons. Read today's blog to find out more.